The Euganean Hills and its network of trails can be visited by walking. You can go trekking, venturing in the natural paths in complete safety, and Nordic walking, a particular sport walk with the help of sticks. For the more experienced, it is also possible to try out the trail running, a recent running discipline that requires routes with a high degree of difficulty characterized by the succession of climbs, descents, muddy grounds, woods to cross etc … Here you will find maps of numerous walking paths, choosing the difficulty and length of the route, depending on the needs.

mountain bike
Mountain Bike and Cycling

The main attractions offered by the area can also be appreciated in the saddle of your bike: the Cycle Ring of the Euganean Hills offers easy routes that can be faced even by those who are not very trained, while entering the area you will find routes characterized by more challenging climbs and particularly loved by cyclists in the area.

Those who prefer routes on dirt roads with frequent changes of direction and the alternation of climbs and descents, can use their mountain bike and combine the passion for nature with two-wheeled sports.

Swimming and Spa

Famous tourist attraction of the area is the basin of the Euganean Spas, renowned destination for stays of wellness and relaxation. The benefits of Euganean thermal waters are already known to the ancient Venetians and widely exploited in Roman times. Belvedere Resort Ai Colli offers discounts at special prices with some local facilities, where you can swim or just take a break and relax.

parco avventura teolo
Adventure Park and Climbing

“Le Fiorine” adventure park in Teolo includes two hectares of woods, where paths have been installed for anyone wishing to spend a few hours in contact with nature. Competent staff and suitable equipment will guide you towards an experience full of strong emotions. There are five courses that are based on the age and degree of athletic training.

For climbers, you can try your hand at climbing the wall of Mount Pirio because it is suitable for beginners and experts who put themselves to the test in the most impervious places. The wall is CAI’s climbing gym.


Golf is a sport that allows you to relax in the middle of nature and the extraordinary scenery of the Euganean hills is the setting for the fields, which enjoy a special and exclusive panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

The Padova Golf Club, founded in 1962, is the first club to have been established in the province of Padua. The wonderful field is located in the town of Valsanzibio, in the municipality of Galzignano Terme. The course of the game includes three variations, for a total of 27 holes, which are followed by over 700 hectares of land.

The most recent Golf Club Terme di Galzignano, inaugurated in 1999, is located in the municipality of Galzignano Terme. Its 9 holes exploit almost 2 km in length to create a very technical course, which winds through numerous water features and ponds.