Immersed in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills

Typical flavors

The name CONVIVIUM evokes the values of conviviality, being together, enjoying the pleasures of life sitting around a comfy table!

The philosophy of the restaurant is to enhance the quality of raw materials, genuineness and simplicity by focusing on your well-being and health, without neglecting the taste and culinary pleasure of food lovers.

Our kitchen, respecting the seasonal nature of the products also of the Euganean Hills, offers a right combination of ancient knowledge and new interpretations to make all guests enjoy a pleasant experience of the five senses.
The close collaboration with the “Colli del Poeta” family olive oil press in Arquà Petrarca allows to enhance the flavors of all dishes using “our Olive juice”; not only but also wine, sauces, wild herbs, cherries.
The bright Restaurant room, also suitable for banquets, is connected to the magnificent terrace on Val Pianzio particularly suggestive during candlelit summer dinners.


Typical Venetian dishes

The kitchen

We like eating and eating well !!

If then there is a cook in the kitchen that with passion and imagination can get tastes and flavors that evoke sensory experiences of your childhood, with that touch of style suggested by the new culinary trends, you can say that you have found the right place to rediscover pleasantly lost feelings.
Especially if its “shopping list” is packaged by the producers of the Euganean Hills Park:

– The winner of the annual competition for the best Sopressa Euganea, for sausages and meat.

– A local cheese dairy.

– The family oil mill.

– Fruit and vegetable companies.

Just a few examples, all obviously seasoned with the friendliness of those who receive you at home to make you feel good.

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